Mon 14 September



Black Milk
Britta Wandaogo 79 minutes U
On the train of distraction from Wanne - Eickel to
Nairobi. A road movie based on the motto: ‘I don’t
have to cover myself - I’m already black! Art
Documentaries. Germany

Damian Schipporeit 22 minutes 12A
Hannah’s life is a happy life. She lives in a luxurious
loft, she has a husband with a well paid job. Nothing is
missing, her life seems prosperous, but on her 35th
birthday, of all days, she discovers a horrible
nightmare: the world is just a shell that collapses with
the slightest tremor. Drama. Germany

The Berlin Wall
Paul Cotter 15 minutes 12
“The Berlin Wall” tells the story of Werner, a 75-yearold
who one day silently begins to rebuild the Berlin
Wall. He soon attracts the help of many volunteers,
although was one knows the true motives behind his
actions. Drama. Germany

No Songs In Autum
Im Herbst Kein Lied
Karden Pruhl 20 minutes 12A
Germany Nov 1944, little Ludwig tells on his brother,
who gets beaten by his father. During the night, Alfred
became witness to 2 pilots parachuting from a
crashing plane into the woods. The next morning, a
troop of Home Guard takes their father with them on
the hunt for the Americans. Alfred spots the
opportunity to win back his fathers affection, but
Ludwig insists on getting in his way. Drama. Germany

Zur Maloche
Roberto Anjari-Rossi 16 minutes 12A
The day starts for three illegal immigrants in
Germany. Three individuals with different cultures,
interests and goals that go together and oppose
themselves as they’ve got to keep on living and
survive while dealing with other people trying to live
and survive in this modern world of ours. Comedy.

Mash Go Splash / Brei Brumm Bumm
Elisa Klement 8 minutes U
What to do if you have to finish your meal, but you’re
not hungry at all anymore? Toni finds a way...
Drama. Germany

Elisa Klement 22 minutes 12
What is it like to live in a world where you have to
look for the horizon? Frieder Butze works for the
friendly-vision customer service, for whom he reads TV
meters. Every day he goes from door to door: ‘get
smart by watching TV every day’. Sc-Fi Drama.

Together Alone / Gemeinsam Einsam
Lars Kornhoff 21 minutes U
16-year old Lara witnesses her family fall apart: after
their divorce, her parents hide their unsaid issues
behind a facade, leaving Lara feeling isolated and
alone. In the attempt to mask their own despair, Lara’s
parents are in denial of any conflict - not realizing
that because of all this, they are about to lose their
daughter. Drama. Germany

Act Of Violence (Hohere Gewalt)
Lars Henning Jung 95 minutes 18
After finishing school, a group of 3 guys and 3 girls
set off to spend their last holidays together in a
remote cottage. What started as a great adventure
soon turns into a nightmare of explosive violence.
Once you start taking the game seriously, it’s not a
game any more... Drama. Germany



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