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Antonello Novellino 13 minutes 15
War: kill all the wears. A young boy and brilliant
journalist in the Balkans, a killer, a Boy who escapes
from him and from bombs, his grandmother. Emanuel
tells us his story of a war boy who doesn’t want to
lose his innocence and his love for human beings. he
doesn’t want to forget but wants to forgive.Drama.

Calaret Kadne
Marc Riba & Anna Solanias 5 minutes 12A
Otto and Lola, two cabaret artists, fill their lives with
their passion: acting. Animation. Spain

Mister X
Julio Soto 13 minutes 15
He had the perfect wife and perfect life, he had it all
...well almost. Comedy. Spain

The Princess Alegria /
La prince sa Alegria
Daniel Utrilla & Ruben Coca 12 minutes 15
Once upon a time there was a little girl whose
imagination made her day dream... “Princess
happiness” tells the story of Eva and her best friend
since childhood, Alberto. Eva is a children’s book writer
who confuses reality with fantasy. Together, they
embark on a dark journey where they will find that
the only real truth is their friendship. Drama. Spain

For Nothing (X Nada)
Toni Veiga & Dani de la Torre 14 minutes 15
Roi and his mates play a very special game, a peculiar
and violent way of enjoying themselves. This macabre
game will lead them to Dani who unfortunately is at
the wrong time at the wrong place. Drama. Spain

(En) Terrados
Alex Lora 11 minutes 12A
In a city... there’s no chance to find a flat. 3 characters
will try to find an alternative to rest in peace. Drama.

Die Schneider Krankheit
Javier Chillon 10 minutes 12A
The Fifties, a Soviet space shuttle crashes in West
Germany. The only passenger, a cosmonaunt
chimpanzee, spreads a deadly virus all over the
country... Sc-Fi Drama. Spain

Adrian Silvestre 15 minutes 15
Dacil and Roberto are classmates in the faculty of fine
arts. Their relationships starts to change when Simon,
their video arts teacher, gives them as a final project a
self-portrait, using video as the means of expression.
Drama. Spain

Rights And Responsibilities /
Derchos Y Deberes
Manuel Danino 14 minutes 12A
Everyone expects the best from Dani. He wants to stop
seeing his girl in hotels and to start bringing her
home. A weekend family celebration will change his
way of looking at things. Drama. Spain

Maneki Neko
German Talavera 13 minutes 12
Redemption of a cruel,relentless life becomes an
obsession for Theo, a former member of a yakuza

gang haunted by his past. He finds in Ana, a girl
working at a seven-eleven that dreams of traveling to
Okinawa, the purity that he has been seeking. Drama.

Martina And The Moon
Martina Y La Luna
Javier Loarte 12 minutes 15
Martina dreams of another life, away from the bakery
where her father has kept her trapped ever since she
was born. Even if that place is the moon. Drama.

Miguel Gabaldon 11 minutes 15
Arturo and Manuel meet again after not seeing each
other for several years. they spend a night together
with Madrid as the background. Drama. Spain

Enemy Territory / Territorio Enemigo
Rodrigo Plaza 11 minutes 15
A soldier fleeing the battlefield gets lost in a forest.
Hungry and unarmed, he runs into an enemy soldier
and between them a macabre game of life and death
begins. Drama. Spain

Like Crude Oil
Daniel Pardo 4 minutes 15
A world enslaved by petroleum. The disappearance of
crude oil. Chaos, anarchy, corruption... And one man
who knows too much. Animation. Spain

Rascal’s Street
Marcos Valin & Maria Monescillo & David Priego
3 minutes U
London 1812. Mr. Webnicker is late to an important
appointment. On his way he will meet a street
musician who will try to distract by all means the
distinguished gentleman while his young buddy tries
to rob him. Animation. Spain

Consulta 16
Jose Manuel Carrasco 12 minutes 12A
Two strangers waiting... two lives in a halt... a woman
who runs away and a man ready to carry on living...
Drama. Spain


Oscar de Julian 20 minutes U
Oscar de Julian discovered that there is ANOTHER
Oscar de Julian. From that moment on, their lives will
be interwined. Both stories blend together. In the end,
you will not be able to understand one story without
the other. Documentary. Spain

La Tama
Martin Costa 19 minutes 15
Tama is a troubled teenager. Tired of constantly
fighting with her mother, takes off on a journey with
no return. Drama. Spain

Metropolis Ferry
Juan Gautier 16 minutes 12A
David returns from a trip to Morocco with his brothers.
In the frontier with Spain an incident occurs and he
decides to take part. Drama. Spain

Jorge Molina 11 minutes 12A
An executive goes to get his ca ... when he discovers
that someone else has beaten him to it. Drama. Spain

The End
Eduardo Chapero-Jackson 28 minutes 15
A middle class American family must fight for survival
in a nation being torn apart by the lack of water.
Drama. Spain

Fernando Franco 13 minutes 15
The sentimental relationship between Andres and Sara
is a living organism. Drama. Spain

A Better Life / Una Vida Mejor
Luis Fernandez Mejor 15 minutes 12
Based on a true story. A Better Life is the faithful
account of 3 Mexican children who got lost in the
Sonoran desert while trying to cross the US border. A
history that repeats itself every week in the border
towns of Mexico, feeding one of the most profitable
illegal businesses: immigrant smuggling. Drama. Spain

Two-Year Guarantee
Con Dos Anos De Garantia
Juan Parra Costa 17 minutes 12A
Berta, fed up of his husband’s bad treatments, decides
to leave him. He substitutes her instantly but the
substitute doesn’t satisfy him at all and ask to his wife
to come back. Drama. Spain

The Golden Thread
El Hilo De Oro
Diego Sanchidrian 19 minutes 12A
Sometimes, mystifying bonds set connections among
people. Bonds which overcome distance, unawareness
and oblivion. And, when these bonds are created, they
can become what we need to survive. Drama. Spain

Imaginary Friend Practical
Manual (abreviated) / Manual Practio Del Amigo
Imaginario. Ciro Altabas 19 minutes U
Fernando is a shy 27 year old young man who
receives the visit of an old classmate, Iratxe. This
arouses jealousy in his imaginary friend, Captain
Kiloton, a super hero that had stood by his side since
he was a kid, and who feels their friendship is now in
jeopardy... Drama. Spain


Jorge M. Rodrigo 4 minutes 12
An unexisting protagonist, a oneself’s search, a
struggle against our own fears, a fighting for surviving
to oblivion... antistory within a story. Drama. Spain

In The Apartment / En El Apartamento
Mario San Emeterio 12 minutes 12
Pablo and Sara visit an apartment up for rent. When
Paula, the girl from the real estate agency, arrives the
situation becomes uncomfortable. Strangely enough,
Pablo and her seem to be hiding something. Drama.

The Nut / La Tuerca
Azul Melissa Martinez 16 minutes U
This is the story of a little girl and a nut. It is also the
story of a middle-aged woman who has lost all contact
with dreams. La Tuerca is about magic, memories and
the significance of small things that we sometimes
forget when we are adults. Drama. Spain

Jose Martret 25 minutes 18
Carol is a transsexual who has been working as a
prostitute in Madrid for 20 years: David arrives one
night from their hometown with the dream of
becoming a woman. He instantly brings out Coral’s
mother instinct and she tries to protect him at all costs
so that he doesn’t make the same mistake she made
and that have marked her for life. Drama. Spain

Breathless / Sin Aliento
Asier Iza 14 minutes 12A
Smoke and disease are only two of his three enemies.
Drama. Spain

La Culpa Del Otro
Ivan Ruiz Flores 19 minutes 18
Pedro,an eleven year old child, lives looking after his
physically disabled mother. Any chance he gets he tries
to hug here, expecting a reaction or response, it never
happens. Pedro decides to make a hole in the wall,
what he sees is the cruel truth. Because if you look
straight at pain, life forces you to end your childhood.
Drama. Spain

Columba Palumbus
Kolda Almandoiz 4 minutes 15
Some wild doves lose their way and take the rest in
the wrong direction. Finally, the whole flock, disorientated,
dies because of an unsensed flight.
Drama. Spain

Decir Adidos
Victor Iriate 18 minutes U
Tania is 18 years old and she works in an estate
agency in the coast. One day, she attends an audition
for a film, but they do not select her, so she has to be
content with watching the filming in the distance.
Drama. Spain


Daniel Sanchez Arevalo 22 minutes 15
All the wedding of Antonio, the eldest of five-sibling
family, his father has a heart attack. The wedding is
interrupted and the whole family goes to the hospital,
where all the traumas and miersies appear during a
tense night wait. Drama. Spain

Telmo Esnal 5 minutes 12
The city taxi drivers have followed a course on
kindness. If you do not make the grade, you will not
arrive at your destination. Drama. Spain

No Es Una Buena Idea
Ugo Sanz 13 minutes 12
Today is a very important day for Maria, and she has
to feel her father by her side to face it bravely.
Drama. Spain

Jorge Dorado & Luis Alejandre Berejo &
Borjo Cabeago 22 minutes 15
The American West. Any village. A preacher who has
difficult in sleeping (A Good Man). A young girl and a
subnormal boy looking for a map. (Dio Vi Benedica ATutti).
A sheriff who doesn’t wash himself (Rio
Puerco). Dust, dry blood, horses, guns. dirty hair,
sweat, water troughs. Three westerns. Drama. Spain

Las Horas Muertas
Haritz Zubillagd 14 minutes 15
Four young friends have parked an old rented auto
caravan next to the road. Someone is aiming at them
with a rifle. When the sniper fires, everything is tinged
with blood. Their holidays turn into a macrabe
nightmare full of horror, sex and death. Drama. Spain

Hezurbeltzak, Una Fosa Comun
Izibene Onederra 5 minutes 15
The Basque word hezurbeltzak does not appear in
dictionaries. It is a non-existing word used to describe
socially invisible groups. Its literal translation would be
“black bobes”. Animation. Spain

Jon Garano & Raul Lopez 9 minutes 12A
Asamara: “set to work”,”sent to earn a living”. This is
the reality millions of children must face in Africa
nowadays, in spite of their extreme youth. Either in
the city or in rural areas, their fight is the same:
surviving. Documentary. Spain

Javi Alonso & Raul Lopez 14 minutes 15
Alma is a very talented young painter. A rich
businessman sponsors her and she’s working on her
forthcoming exhibition. But when her dream is about
to come true, she receives the unexpected visit of a
woman. Drama. Spain

Taller de Animacion de Artelekv 5 mins 15
Animated short -film carried out by artists Jose
Belmonte, Izibene Onederra, Mercedes Sanchez-
Augustio, Gustavo Diaz and Irati Fernandez, based on
a music piece by Xabier Erkizia, created from an
interview with the musician Santiago Irigoyen.
Animation. Spain

Cotton Candy
Aritz Moreno 11 minutes 12
The cold always complicates things. Drama. Spain

On The Line
Jon Garano 12 minutes 15
An ordinary Saturday in the South of California,
Adam, a lower middle class North American man, sees
off his wife and children to carry out his weekly task.
Drama. Spain

El Tiempo Prestado
David Gonzalez Rudiez 16 minutes 15
Marta is still on holiday... Drama. Spain

Tras Los Visillos
Gregorio Muro & Raul Lopez 16 minutes 18
Martos wants to leave his dark past behind him, so he
undergoes cometic surgery to change his face. But his
obsessive paranoia keeps him away from his main
goal:the getaway. Drama. Spain

Yo Solo Miro
Gorka Cornejo 18 minutes 18
Julia and Eduardo are married and they look like a
conventional couple. However, unimaginable true facts
appear behind the appearances. They are two lonely
strangers behind reciprocal affection. Drama. Spain

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