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Portobello Film Festival proudly presents a festival within a festival dedicated to work by young people that rarely gets a public platform.

Featuring films by: The Video College, Connexions LDD, Transient Film Exchange, the EU Stranger Festival, YCTV, Latimer Films - introduced by Dominic West from The Wire.


Stranger Festival
A video event in Amsterdam, a European wide call for
videos from young people, and a world wide website,
StrangerFestival is many things! It is also a training
programme for young video makers and a research
project which has published Video Republic (“The
explosion in audio-visual creativity is sowing the seeds
for a more participative, expressive democracy…”).
Anyone below the age of 26 can upload a video to the
website ( as long as it is
between 1 and 5 minutes long and self-made. Each
month the videomaker with the most votes from
visitors to the site is invited to Amsterdam, fares and
accommodation paid, to take part in StrangerAcademy
which features workshops with professional video
makers, exhibitions of participants’ work, award and
The UK StrangerFestival partner, ACAVA, has been
working this year with Young Tate to help 12 participants
to create short videos which will be shown at
Portobello Film Festival 2009. A visit to the Tate Video
Library gave them the opportunity to look at the
many ways in which artists have worked with the
medium since the 1960s.
Duncan Smith the Artistic Director of ACAVA will outline
the project and introduce the videos.


Latimer Films was formed in
2001 after their first film REAL NOTTING HILL, made
with a group of excluded teenagers from the Pupil
Referral Unit in Ladbroke Grove was nominated for a
BAFTA and won the best film at the Portobello Film
Festival. Since then they have developed a unique
method of creating educational dramas with and for
disadvantaged young people, using improvisation and
the real life experiences of the young people involved
to devise films that speak authentically to their target
To be introduced by Nick Marq of Latimer Films and
Dominic West (McNulty) from The Wire.

Slipping 2009 (23 mins). A hard hitting drama
about postcode wars set in west London.

Kim 2009 (12 mins). A harsh look at the reality of
a young women involved in an abusive relationship

Street Life London (4 mins). A youth crime documentary for
Government for London set on Tottenham's Broadwater Farm Estate.

A group of young people from Canalside Activity
Centre went on an expedition to Nepal to donate
some learning materials and money to a local school
in order to help them to build a playground fence.

A programme that looks at the numerous projects
undertaken by Connexions in the Royal borough of
Kensington and Chelsea and its benefits on the participants.

A music video made by young people at the Golborne
Youth Centre with the help of the Youth Arts Team and
Transient Film Exchange over the Easter holidays.



1 - The Immaculate Conception
16 Minutes
A series of 5 conversations between a sixteen year
old girl and her mother on the theme of lies and
secrets - Intercut with the girl performing six short

2 - The Man Who Lived Upstairs
4 Minutes
An experimental piece about a girl and the unwanted
gifts of flowers she receives everyday from the man
who lives upstairs.

3 - I’m So Lonesome
10 Minutes
A fifteen minute about a girl who pretends to be Hank
Williams and insists on acting out scenes from her
favourite book about him.

4 - A Girl and A Gun (is all you need)
12 Minutes
A twelve minute film about a female French film
director who’s looking for an actress to be in her next
film.. She’s a huge fan of Jean Luc Goddard and her
film is based on one of his quotes. A gun and a girl is
all you need to make a movie

5 - She Hated Everything
5 Minutes
An experimental film about a girl who decides to
spend the rest of her life in bed

6 - A New Idea
4 Minutes
A short commedy film about the dangers of new ideas.

The Vase
Jeremy Newman 1 minute 12
In this video, a mysterious young woman clips off
sunflower heads, wrecking havoc on a vase of crickets.
the desperate, yet graceful movements of the inselts
are a silent plea against environmental degradation.
The directional manipulations evident in the work
ultimately serve to question the veracity of
documentary nature cinematography. Art. USA

“Edge” by Yellow Mashene
Natalia Babinski 7 minutes U
Edge is a narrative music video for an independent,
Brooklyn based duo - Yellow Mashene. It tells the
story of Nick, who after being abandoned by his
beloved Tania, starts to cry and cannot stop, as if
infected by a strange illness, he spreads the
“weeping” bug around the city of New York. Music
Videos. USA

Paul Verhoeven 140 minutes 15
Beside not very commendable teenagers, there exist
some others, but who are never showed ...Now, these
young people can have a beneficial influence on the
youths adrift. But sometimes it is necessary to agree
to pay the full price, like the corn grain which must
die to bear fruit... (Warning: scenes of youth nudity)
Fictional Documentaries. France

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