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Portobello Film Festival proudly presents a festival within a festival dedicated to work by young people that rarely gets a public platform.

Featuring films by: The Video College, Connexions LDD, Transient Film Exchange, the EU Stranger Festival, YCTV, Latimer Films - introduced by Dominic West from The Wire.


Pensions For All !
Chris Haydon 52 minutes U
Children from three Southwark Primary Schools
created a one-act opera celebrating the state pension
centenary and local campaigner Herbert Stead.
harking back to the workhouse and music hall,
“Pensions For All !” was filmed over two spirited and
touching performances in part by boys from a fourth
primary school. Art. London

YCTV: The Office
Steven Summer 7 minutes 12A
SPOOF “The Office:” mockumentary, where Louis and
the Achacha cast trying to recreate the Ricky Greavous
s.merchant classic. Louis Ben & Olay, play members of
YCTV studios and are followed around by their
documentary team Funny with some strong language.
Mock-Documentary. Britain

7 o’ Clock
James Yan (Age:15) 5 minutes U
It is 7 o’ clock in the kitchen of a detached house in
Abingdon. Angela is preparing the meal. As the clock
ticks, the food goes on the frying pan, but there is
something unsettling. The front door opens and dinner
is served. Documentary. Britain

Kill Zone Documentary
Paul o’ Connor 27 minutes 12A
An investigation into gun and knife crime, made by
young people for young people, to challenge their
perceptions. Documentary. London


Russ Henderson The Pan Man
Mike Mckenzie 23 minutes U
The story of local musician Russ Henderson MBE age
85 years old, Who has been heavily influential in
developing steel pan in the UK and is one
of the pioneers of Notting Hill carnival and is well known on the Jazz
scene. Music Documentaries. London

Sun Dogs
Jason Affolder 90 minutes 15
Down in Post-Katrina New Orleans, a drunkard plasma
donor who mentors a teenage troublemaker begins
romancing a reckless art school dropout he meets
while singing karaoke. Drama. USA

Life With Ashley
Chris Butler 97 minutes 15
Life with Ashley intrudes on film school dropout Chris
Butler’s life with his eccentric teenage sister Ashley,
over seven days and nights he helps her plan a party
as a decoy, to lure her unsuspecting, virginal crush
into their psychological labyrinth of obsession and
obscurity. Documentary. Australia

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