tue 8 September

London Film Makers Convention


Every evening for 3 nights in both the cinema and the bar at Westbourne Studios.
A unique opportunity to see the best in contemporary London film making. A chance for film makers and the public to meet up and plot the future of British film.


Concrete Jungle
Dominic Kenny 55 minutes 12A
In response to Ross Kemp’s gang documentary,
Dominic visits Trenchtown to show a very different side
to this volatile ghetto! Music Documentaries. London

Here Comes Funky Kazoo
Paul Fuller 17 minutes 15
When mark’s date gets off to a bad start he begins to
feel like a bit of a clown. Comedy. London

Drifting Away
David Bailey 7 minutes 12A
The video is a journey threw the globalized society we
live in. it juxtaposes both capitalist and communist
images, showing the common factor of depersonalisation
and deferred life plan which exist within both,
where value systems are forged by. Music Videos.

Ian Helliwell 3 minutes 15
Super 8 animation designed as scene setting inserts to
evoke the 1960s, for an Australian film on innovative British
electronic instrument manufacturer EMS, creators of the
VCS3 synthesizer.

Accident & Design
Ian Helliwell 7 minutes U
The result of searching through hundreds of amateur
standard 8mm films, extracting sequences which
exhibited certain inadvertent eye-catching qualities -
light flare, accidental shooting, abstraction and camera
judder. Art. Britain

Lines And Pulses
Ian Helliwell 4 minutes U
An experiment with super 8 and stroboscopic effects.
Following on from Helliwell’s earlier flicker films, this
concentrates on concentric circles, and horizontal,
vertical and wavy lines, filmed frame by frame,
bleached and coloured with ink. Art. Britain

Street Lights
Ian Helliwell 4 minutes U
Super 8 film of night and daytime cityscapes and
illuminations, collected over several years and spliced
together into a split-screen collage. Art. Britain

“George’s Day”
David Whitney 12 minutes 15
This Is Where We Live
Ben Falk, Josiah Newbolt, Jordan Wood 3 minutes U
Journey through a vibrant, bustling literary world.
Commissioned by Publisher 4TH Estate to celebrate
their 25th anniversary this short is a marriage of stop
motion and 2D drawn animation. Animation. Britain


Ian Finlay 17 minutes 15
Wandering from a dead house party and out into the
wilderness, a woman witnesses a man setting fire to
clothes on a secluded bridge. Intrigued she follows him
into the night, watching as he engages in more acts of
destruction. Drawn closer towards the man and his
increasingly bizarre behavior, the woman chooses to
intervene. Drama. London

Hey Good Looking
Samuel Bailey 1 minute 15
A compressed look at the trials and tribulations of
modern romance. How do we work our way through
problems in an age of agony aunts and opinionated
friends? How do we deal with our emotions in a grown
up and mature manner? Drama London

Sugar & Spice & All Things
Movies Melih Kancelik 22 minutes U
In his sweetshop, which resembles a film memorabilia
museum, cinephile Umit Mesut debates film versus
digital with screenwriter Tony Grisoni. At every
opportunity Umit waxes lyrical about keeping celluloid
alive. but he is forced to re-examine his beliefs in a
world of inevitable technological advances.
Documentary. London

Maya Puig 14 minutes 15
Sirenata tells the story of a mermaid who, fascinated
by human life, falls in love with a street musician and
his melancholic music. When her deepest wish to
become part of his world becomes reality, her quest to
find him begins. Drama. London

Tsubasa Maruno 7 minutes 12A
Two teenage girls are talking in a room around
midnight. One of them tells the story of a girl named
Mary who was killed in a hit-and-run and is said to
haunt her house. ‘And Mary’s room is the very same
room we’re sitting in’ she says. Horror. London

Funeral Blues
Stephan George 11 minutes U
Nicholas has the unusual habit of attending funerals of
people he doesn’t know. When he meets Marlene, a
woman with the same habit, an incredible and tragic
journey starts... Drama. London

Pedro Touceda 14 minutes U
Andrei Ivanov, a Russian immigrant in Spain, has been
for quite some time on a very special journey. (In
Spanish & Russian) Drama. London

Terry - A Documentary Film By Charlie Ruez
Nick Nevern 95 minutes 15
London hard man Terry Jones allows himself to be
documented by film student Charlie Ruez, who is
thrown head first into a world of petty crime, drug
abuse and violence - A world where reputation is
everything and a single incident can change your life
forever... Fictional Documentary. London



The Touch
Talat Gokdemir 15 minutes U
‘The Touch’ is a tale of two females, Fareeda and
Rocio. Fareeda is a clumsy and unlucky type whilst
Rocio is the opposite, everything is perfect with her.
One day, these strangers bump into each other on the
street which introduces us to touch, the curse of
unluckiness. This sets into motion events that will lead
to a confrontation with a certain genius. Comedy.

Something For The Lamppost
Dave Black / Ray Fury 15 minutes 12
The harts have been running their flower shop for
over 30 years. like their marriage, it has gone stale.
With mounting debts, Doug Hart is a florist on the
verge of a breakdown. Things come to a head when
the local mini market launch their ‘free bunch with
your lunch’ offer. Comedy. London

Urban Piss Door
Stefano Ferrara 10 minutes 15
A decent, upstanding member of society battles singlehandedly
against antisocial and lewd acts committed
on his very own doorstep. Follow Muldoon’s trials and
tribulations as he attempts to clean up what is known
by locals as the “Urban Piss Door.” Comedy. Britain

Road Kill
Will Kenning 4 minutes 12A
An unsavory hobby leads to a deadly face off between
man and rabbit... and the road aint big enough for
the both of them. London

Beauty And The Butcher
Johnny Parker 10 minutes 15
How does a dizzy, accident prone, vegetarian
beautician get a date with a butcher ?? ... Comedy.

Enter The Preacher
Paulette James 10 minutes 12A
A mysterious man arrives in town and encounters a
gang of youths harassing a young woman. This man is
a preacher, on a mission to teach respect. Preacher
stops the attack, but has made an enemy. in the final
showdown, Preacher kicks ass and reclaims the street.
Good just got bad. Comedy. London

E World Me
Rory Gilder 10 minutes U
Filmed on location as an entry for the Cannes 2008
24hr film challenge, “E World Me” is a James Bond
spoof, where our agent, who is a double for Sven
Goron Erikson, gets waylaid in his attempts to reunite
Mr Spielburg with the crystal skull with humorous and
disturbing results. Comedy. Britain

Dave Lojek 7 minutes 12
Two lovers go on a trip with an old VW-van but they
are suddenly out of gas in the middle of nowhere.
Without a cell phone network available, our hero
decides to go to the next gas station by bike. He
skidds into quite an adventure. Comedy. Germany

An Unmarked Grave
Stella Macdonald 11 minutes 12
A man stranded on a desert island finds out it’s not as
deserted as he thought. Comedy. Britain

Nollaig Shona
Orla Murphy 14 minutes U
A christmas tree will not get the girlfriend back - just
more hassle. (with English subtitles). Comedy. Ireland

Biddy Got Back
Warren Mackenzie 2 minutes
A spoof music video about the sex lives of the elderly.
Comedy. Britain

The Cubicle Tactic
Paul Denny 12A
Tony’s drunken night out is ruined when a twisted
game show voice over invades his thoughts in that
most sacred of places - a pub toilet. Comedy. London


Stanislava Buevich 10 minutes 12
A young girl runs away from her cold emotionless
mother during a shopping day out. The high society
mother searches for her child frantically, while
gradually losing control of her emotions. Drama.

Ciaran Reynolds 9 minutes 12A
One man’s struggle to get a good nights sleep in a
elevator. Drama. London

Cigarette Man
Heeyoung Seo 8 minutes 12A
Here comes the hero of recession days! One young
man is wandering on the street. He is desperate for a
fag but dead broke. He smokes someone’s dead
cigarette and finds he’s got a special ability... Comedy.

Joon Goh 5 minutes 12
During a blistering hot summers day a couple bicker
when the girl’s revealing outfit attracts the wrong kind
of attention. Drama. London

‘My War Is Yours’
Yemi Bamiro 5 minutes 12A
Young former soldier returns from war in a wheelchair
after getting badly injured while away on service. At
odds with his sanity and struggling to come to terms
with the situation, he stumbles upon an unlikely
sounding board for his grief. Drama. London

What Shall We Do With The
Drunken Sailor?
Chris Ward 21 minutes 18
The decline and fall of Nina Hannett artist / model,
self-styled queen of bohemia starring Sidbhan Pahey
(Bananarama, Shakespeare’s sister), Clive Arrindel
and Donny Tourette. Haunted by arguers from her
past and present, fueled by alcohol and casual
pickups. A woman’s uncompromising bid for artistic
freedom in 1930’s Soho. Drama. London

Luther Duncan 3 minutes U
This film is about looking back at past memories. Find
out who I am as an individual and the people and the
world around me, I’m on a journey to find out
answers to my questions. Art. London

Balance Of Power
Stuart Parkins 4 minutes 12A
During an attempted mugging the relationship of our
two would be muggers, ‘Ana and Mel, is put to the test
as they confront a smooth talking strangler. Drama.

Microchimmp Vol.1
Duncan Masters J.P. 7 minutes 12A
Ever wondered about the moon landings? Fake or
real? Could this be what really happened? Animation.

Go Team 12 minutes 15
A detective who has already gone down the so called
path of self-destruction and religious damnation still
goes to church for reasons he can’t quite understand.
His answer will come in the form of a drug overdose...

Bride Of Frankenstin
Tobias Tobbell 3 minutes 15
The ridiculous tale of horror and betrayal... of Eastern
European origins a desperate man, Frankenstin,
orders a Chinese bride from a website. She comes. She
is beautiful. She’s unspeakably evil. Horror. London

Letter To Rothko
Eddie Saint-Jean 6 minutes 12A
Five art students are asked by their teacher to write
an imaginary letter to artist Mark Rothko. But
sometimes this fragile part of our subconscious is the
most difficult to share. Drama. London

Me And Her
Chantal Bose 4 minutes 12
My own experience on a bus, with a conversation of
me and my friend in the background. I was trying to
show how you never really know someone and you
may get an insight into a person. Art. London

Blueberry Pie
Kaluba 7 minutes 15
Basy wants to propose to Fumi. She walks in on him
as he practices how to ask her. He hides the ring in the
slice of blueberry pie, unwittingly putting the proposal
in jeopardy. Drama. London

Please Do Not Remove It
Debora Bonemei 5 minutes U
One portray - infinite faces - one journey exploring
possibilities of movement, sound and visual sense -
are we busy going somewhere? Drama. London

All That’s Left
Ed Wiles 10 minutes 15
Shot in the style of a home movie, a touching drama
in which a young man with a secret films his two
feuding brothers as all three journey together to
scatter their mother’s ashes. Drama. London

Mark Tintner 11 minutes 12
ILK is trapped escaping the elements on the fringe of
society. Sleeping rough, ILK reenters her hidden
sanctuary in attic of squat. ILK survives on what she
can thieve by secretly descending into the ‘living’
space. Belly empty, mind wilted, reality blurred.
Treading carefully literally and mentally. Will ILK crash
through? Drama. London

Hopper’s Fortune
Michael Gregson, Andrew Thomson & Michael Purpy
4 minutes 15
Every few thousand years, the magnetic poles switch.
This has been called the ‘Polar’ flip, and has been
sited as a possible cause of extreme natural disaster,
even the ice age. What if it happen now? Sc-Fi Drama.

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