mon 7 September

London Film Makers Convention


Every evening for 3 nights in both the cinema and the bar at Westbourne Studios.
A unique opportunity to see the best in contemporary London film making. A chance for film makers and the public to meet up and plot the future of British film.


Flush It
Ceri Dingle 43 minutes 12
This compelling documentary promises to put
aspirations for western levels of water provision on the
map for developing countries. the film interweaves
concerns about global water scarcity and toilet history
with aspirations for grand projects and excellent loos,
while experts remind us that water can never run out.
Viv Regan, Producer Documentary. London

Hip Hip Hooray
Lynsey Miller 7 minutes U
The preparations for the surprise birthday party at
lillyfield nursing home are well underway, led by an
enthusiastic Pippa. the only problem being, Pippa’s the
birthday girl and no else seems all that interested...
Drama. London

Ballboy - Trying Not To F**k It Up
Andy Kimpton-Nye 65 minutes 15
On a hot sweaty night at the end of July last year, the
Scottish indie band Ballboy played the penultimate gig
in their 2008 tour. This is the story of a wonderful
performance. Music Documentaries. London

“Not You Again!”
Stuart Pound 4 minutes U
Just a bit of joyful self-hate in the recent snow.
Art. London


Grove Roots
Grove Roots Crew 43 minutes 12
Grove Roots unearths the pivotal history of the
Ladbroke Grove area from the 1958 riots to the
ethnically diverse place it is toady. Documentary.

Star Games
Jasmin Jodry 3 minutes U
A visual narrative of a surreal galaetic ballet that
explains the origins of the stars. The inhabitants of a
furturistic metropolis train in their hundreds to contest
the Star Games. Patrolling zeppelins select individual
gymnasts with a UFO -styled light beam. Ther
gymnasts are pulled up towards the sky to perform a
beautifully organic ballet before they dissolve into
starlights. Sc-Fi Drama. London

Adam Butcher 17 minutes 12
A surreal drama of dark comedy and intrigue, set
inside a cardboard city - world. Drama. London

First Date
Elizabeth Pencavel 4 minutes U
A growing old and loving couple’s partnership over the
years. It looks at the uncomfortable truths of growing
old and aging memories. Drama. London

Tommy The Tungsten Robot
Eddie Green 13 minutes 12
In 1997, Tommy was the world’s most famous robot...
Tommy The Tungsten Robot follows his life and career,
10 years after he was first created and unleashed onto
the world. Comedy. London

Paris Noir
Alexandra McGuinnes 16 minutes 15
A story of a young Irish man who goes by the name
of ‘Paris Noir’. He is confused emotionally and
sexually and looks to the Catholic church for guidance
because he has no true friends or peers. Paris has
been having a relationship with an older man
‘Douglas’ which falls apart when he meets the
precocious and manipulative ‘Electra’. Drama. London

Too Much Birds
Philip Vallentin 1 minute U
Get the flock outta here! A mass of noisy, colourful,
squawking, relentless birds. Animation. London

Yvette Farmer 9 minutes 15
A tale of a writer consumed by his work. As he
retreats further into fiction. Two ominous characters
appear to torment him. has he trapped into the
colourful world of his subconscious or has he crossed
the thin line between imagination and insanity?
Drama. London


Black And White Memories
Kostantinos Koutsoliotas 3 minutes U
‘Why where colour hurtled through our days, mine
they just fade to gray?’ Down on his luck, an old man
sets off on a journey through the past. His back
straightens, his load lightens, and it makes him feel
better. Musical. London

Andrew Wiskowski 8 minutes 15
It’s 11:55pm and there’s work to be done. Stephen
wants the truth, Samson wants a reckoning and both
will fight to get it. In the end, only Stephen can
answer the most important question: is he his brothers
keeper. Drama. London

The Eggs
Kirill Kemnits 16 minutes U
Film tells the story of two lonely women living in the
small hamlet not far away from Moscow. Tania knows
for good that her mother is no fun to be with, but she
can’t leave old ill woman living alone. She tries her
best but gets only nagging in return. Suddenly, a little
accident dissolves along and deep conflict between the
mother and her daughter. (In Russian, with English
subtitles) Drama. London

His Small Big World
Zuzanna Kowalska 9 minutes 12A
This is a story of an incredibly fit and active 76-yearold
man called Rajmund, a watchmaker in a small
Polish town, who has his own formula for a happy
life.. Although he now lives in his own tiny world
surrounded by hundreds of clocks, it’s soon revealed
that Rajmund has traveled the wider world and has
more life experiences than anyone would imagine
Documentary. London

Ben Adler 8 minutes 12A
An international group of amateur footballs find their
efforts to find a pitch to play on abruptly halted by a
group of angry Parisian locals. Comedy. London

Kerinne Jenkins 8 minutes 15
In a dystopian future, two disparate men meet in an
underground tunnel where an exchange takes a turn
for the worse due to a half-fulfilled promise. Sc-Fi
Drama. London



Cheese And Pineapple
Jason Gregg 73 minutes 15
A common Bristol boy meets a posh Bath girl, an
opposites attract story with lively friends. Comedy.

Lucky Numbers
Garrick Hamm & Pete Seaward 12 minutes U
Derrick is convinced through his obsession with
counting, that he can predict the winning lottery
numbers and gain the heart of the shows presenter,
Wscias Lucy. things don’t go Derrick’s way but he wins
more than money can buy. Comedy. London

Running Pain’s
Anthony Jorces 11 minutes 12
Rhys is a fifteen year old runner, torn between doing
what his father and coach think is best for him and
spending time with his friends and a girl called
Angela. With the inter - school finals looming, Rhys
has to make a decision... Comedy. Britain

Decisions Decisions
Dave Walters 8 minutes 15
You wait all day for a victim and then two come along
at once. Comedy Horror. London

Ode To A Friendly Toad
Sylvan Mason 3 minutes 12
60’s pop star Leapy Lee’s B-side dedication to the
stranger who, many years ago handed his briefcase in
to the local police station complete with weekend
supply of recreaturial pot. Comedy. London

Sunny King 2 minutes 12A
A comedy set in a cybercafe where the store owner
has more than he can handle when a customer can’t
read the signs. Comedy. London


Dark Harbour
Paul Bruce 14 minutes 15
A dying psychic corrupts the naive inhabitants of a
small village and in the process, alienates her
daughter. Noir-influenced black comedy. Britain

The Legendary Jesse
Popplestone Tom Melia 13 minutes 12
A struggling comic book artist finds inspiration when a
homeless man begins to build a shack in his front
garden. Comedy. Britain

Verona Spence 16 minutes 12
Comedy about a hapless estate agents race against the
clock to make a sale. His desperate attempts lead to a
series of unintentional blunders. Comedy. London

Glossed Over
Stephen Leigh & Robert Trott 5 minutes 15
When a young journalist takes a real life story to a
magazine, she is shocked to find how far the editor
will go to make the real life, ‘exciting’... Comedy.

The Revelations Of Reverend
Jones Dove Rangla 7 minutes 12A
With the dialogue all in rhyme, this is the story of
reverend Jones, a Welsh vicar spotted in drag outside
a night club in Soho. Comedy. London

The Seat
Andy Lewis 8 minutes 12
Long term friends Jimmy and Karen have finally got
together. They stop for a coffee, and Jimmy accidentally
sits on a coffee soaked seat, his sole focus is to
get to the bathroom toilets. To fix his trousers. Karen
misreads the signs she thinks he’s trying to fob her
off. Comedy. London

The Devil And All His Works
Andy Lewis 7 minutes 12
A man wishing to end it all and jump off a bridge is
helped by a cash strapped devil, the credit crunch hits
hell. Comedy. London

Much Ado About Lauren
Dave Jenkins 105 minutes 12A
It’s a timeless tale – boy next door meets and falls for
pretty girl, pretty girl likes sporty floppy haired hunk
better, this is the plot for Luton’s first blockbuster big
screen epic… Okay so the plot isn’t a million miles
away from a million other movies but Much Ado About
Lauren, isn’t like those other movies. Thanks to a witty
script (by Dave ‘yeah I also directed this’ Jenkins),
spirited performances from a talented young cast and
a massive dose of feel good magic, Much Ado About
Lauren comes out swinging as this year’s surprise
summer teen comedy hit. Comedy. Britain

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