Cinema Tent Programme
Sunday 17 August

Emslie Horniman’s Park, Kensal Road, London W10
Cinema Tent

Only Silence Knows
Duncan Brown 30 mins 15 Sam is a thirteen year old boy who has never spoken. Sam is given a present of a dictaphone. The boy takes to the machine as if he has been using it his entire life. Drama

A Strong Word
Stephen Foreman 5 mins 15 Baby brother has something to get off his chest; questions answered. But after a long awaited confrontation; confessions and revelations, will there be anything left? Drama

Anti War March Feb 2003
Kevin Keating 15 mins 15 Anti war march. Documentary

Our Streets
February 15,2003 New York City Anti-war Rally
Tom Alter 20 mins15 February 15, 2003 became the day of the largest anti-war protest in human history with over 10 million people protesting across the world. Documentary

Let It Be Me
Owen Matthews 15 mins 15 Kenny lives alone, he’s quiet and collects toys and records but misses someone to share it all with. A documentary crew is invited into his home as he prepares for a big date. Drama

Irina Loutchina 5 mins 12 A documentary featuring local Amnesty International group complaining against cruelty to women in the developing world. Documentary

The Real
Mal Wharton 30 mins 18 The Real Thing is a study of the history of real death on film which leads into the enduring myth of the “snuff” film. Documentary

Dirty Little Secrets
Dean Craig 10 mins 15 A conversation between friends in a cafe turns sour when dark secrets are revealed. Comedy

It Is Enough
Mireia Giro Costa 5 mins 15 At every stage of their relationship a girl makes a list of her likes and dislikes about her partner. Drama

Robbery Tom Balogh 10 mins 15 A two-timing gangster girl and her dodgy deals. Drama

Spiritual Kids 10 mins 15 Pop Japanese musician, genre, electro beat’s with live instruments. Music Video

Is This The Right Party?
Spiritual Kids 20 mins 15 48 hours farewell squat party. Documentary

Who Needs War
Fundamental. Spiritual Kids. 5 mins 15 Fundamental, Acki and Dee performing at Ocean Hackney. Merged with war footage. Music Video

Andi Reiss 80 mins 15 Four Asylum seeekers are smuggling themselves into the U.K. But are they genuine or bogus opportunists? Drama

Horses 4 Courses
Jon Levene 90 mins 18 24 hours, 12 lives, 4 murders, 2 adulteries, 1 karaoke machine..., no horses.

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