Cinema Tent Programme
Friday 15 August

Emslie Hornimans Park, Kensal Road, W10
Cinema Tent

The Lennox Show
Chris Lennox 30 mins 15. Good fun entertainment. Comedy

Liberty & Livelihood Demo
Kevin Keating 10 mins 15 Documentary

Fathers For Justice V: The Lord Chancellors Office.
Kevin Keating 10 mins 15 Documentary

Victim To Emma Andrew McCafftey 10 mins 15 Drama
Deep In The Suburban Jungle Andy & Lorenzo 10 mins 15 Set in the 80’s, a drug deal goes wrong, Comedy

Between cultures
Helen Saunders 15 mins U An insight into the lives of filipinos living and working in the UK. Documentary

To Mom
Dusan Gligorov 15 mins 12 What would you give your mother as a birthday present if you are serving in the Russian army one thousand kilometers away? Drama

Manuela Silva 10 mins 12 The notions of love as something we all wish to achive, but fear of what love might involve can prevent it’s attainment. Art

Alex Reuben 10 mins U A violent, repetition of a dance phrase, Art

Iranian Films

The First Iranian Actress (Roughangiz-E-Saminedjad)
Madjid Faadaii 30 mins 15 The first Iranian actress has bitter memories when religious society rejected her because she acted in movies. Documentary

Caravan (Karevan)
Mohsen AmirYousef 15 mins 15 A look at the very special religious ceremony in Isfahan. Documentary

The Dairy (Rooznameh)
Mohammadali Safoura 5 mins 15 In the spring of 2002, six little girls drowned in the Tehran city park pool. This is an experimental chronicle of that tragic event. (Has Subtitles.) Art

Rule Of The Game (Ghaed-e-Bazi)
Nadaer Tarighat 2 mins U Animation

Passion Of Killing (Lezat-e-Koshtan)
Alimohammed Ghasemi 20 mins 15 A forester who feels a deep sympathy with nature and the native animals, must guide foreign hunters during the season of the hunt. Documentary

The Colour Of Voyage (Rang-E-Safar)
Nader Tarighat 20 mins 12 A look at a painter who paints with his fingers. Documentary

Joining Up (Joan)
Ebrahim Saeedi 20 mins 15 An old man, prepares the memorial ceremony for his dead wife. Documentary

The Job
David King 15 mins 15 A young man applies for a job with unexpected consequences. Drama

Bum Runner
Steve Herold & Kurt Christiansen 10 mins 15 A frantic parody of movie car chases. Comedy

Buckethead & The Rapture
10 mins 12A Comedy
A Short Film About A Life Andy Kimpton-nye. 10 mins 15 Documentary

A Visual Catalog Of Movement Disorders
Mark G.E. 10 mins 15 The strange movement disorders of patients in a mental ward in the 1930s. Drama

Chi Yu 10 mins 12 After the Apocalypse, God recreates Adam. He has robbed him of sight preventing him from knowing all good and evil. Eden remains a harsh environment of concrete. As Eve wakes, instinct brings them together. Art

Bus Root
Hannah Holland 15 mins 15 Bus Root- the universal experience of riding on the top deck of a London bus unfolds through the lives and eyes of South London school kids, rude boys and appalled from Middle England. Drama

Who Gives A Shit?
Simon Melbourne 10 mins 15 Drama

Little Clumps Of Hair
Jim Hosking 15 mins 15 A man enters a pub to meet his friends but he has something to hide. Drama

The Girl From the Roof
Ben Dodd 15 mins 15 A man meets a woman on the roof of his apartment. He invites her back to his place Drama

A Message To The 7th Generation: Yeast
70 mins 15 Documentary

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