Megascreen Programme
Friday 15 August

Emslie Horniman’s Park, Kensal Road, London W10
Mega Screen

Portobello Film Festival is proud to present a
collection of films from The Film Council UK
featuring Digital Shorts, courtesy of Short Circuit.


Unreal City
Peter Addington 10 min 15 A dark city. A lonely worker goes home to his only solaces- stamp collecting and a music box. Animation

Jon Sen 10 mins 15 One man. Two cops. Three mind-altering substances. Sit back. Inhale deeply. Enjoy.

Take Me Somewhere Nice
Matt Huntley & Peter Mellor 10 mins 15 When it comes to families, nothing is ever quite what it seems. Drama

Carol Stevens 10 mins 15 A poetic realist narrative that explores the cusp between childhood and adulthood involving a girl, pony and mutant eggs. Drama

Steven Sheil 10 mins 15 A suburban living room, the furnishings trashed, drenched in blood, and in the midst of it all, a survivor, Lia. Drama

The Message Storm
Toby Meakins 10 mins 15 When her dead lover sends her an undeveloped photograph, a grieving woman must question whether she wants to see what lies beyond life. Drama 7.00pm

(Sam Raimi) Stan Lee’s seminal comic book creation brought faithfully to life by Evil Dead helmer Raimi with Toby McGuire as Peter Parker and the lovely Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane. Following a groundbreaking decision by the BBFC. . . a film for all the family.


Hard Labour
Oliver Krimpas 10 mins 15 Two women fall pregnant by the sane man, but who will be left holding the baby? Drama

Noreen Kershaw 10 mins 15 Psychiatrist Dr.Snell watches Eric come through his office door week in, week out, for treatment and begins to question if his patient really wants to be cured. Drama

Ian Dodds 10 mins 15Leila, a ten-year-old Iranian girl seeking asylum travels to Britain in the back of a lorry with her mother, grandmother and baby brother. Drama

Rhubarb & Roses
Ged Maguire 10 mins 15 Molly's battle with cancer is finally over. Her son Ricky promises to cook her a last supper to help her on her way. Drama

Where Were We?
Matt Smith 10 mins15 In this gently absurd film, a couple are dragged into helping a man they have never met-with extraordinary results. Drama

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