Westbourne Studios Programme
Wednesday 6 August

Westbourne Studios 242 Acklam Road, London W10

Local Film Makers Day

Venezuela: A 21st Century Revolution.
60 mins 15 What it says on the packet. Documentary

The Journey
Jenny Runacre 10 mins 15 The sense of isolation in the centre of a big city, in the crowed yet anonymous streets, is almost inescapable, and can be particularly so when arriving in a large foreign metropolis. The private lives of people are shaken by the separation from their native lands and milieus. The difficult journey into another land begins. Art

The End John
K Webster 10 mins 15 The story relates to two friends who arrive home after a night out to spend the rest of the evening drinking and watching TV. While channel surfing they happen upon an emergency news broadcast informing the nation of a nuclear attack in progress. Drama

Enrico Vanni 15 mins 15 Nino who lost his job a few months previous goes through a day in which all his creditors press him for payment. Drama

Harriet’s Shout
Alice Bragg 10 mins 15 “Harriet’s Shout” is a comedy about inspiration. Harriet has recently moved to Brixton and loves it so much she writes a poem about it. She then reads it in The Poetry Cafe in Lower Garden in front of an audience. Comedy

Incident 55
Joe Rosen 10 mins 15 Whilst fishing on the bank of a canal Trev tests a new super-bait and waxes lyrical on its virtues. Rocky shows little interest until a monster from the depth sinks its teeth into more than just the bait. Comedy

Terry's World
J. Pharaoh 5 mins 15 Meet Terry Gilbertson; a man who through scrupulous research we have determined to be quintessential British male. Comedy


Money Shot
Mark Withers 90 mins 18 An anti-gun stance ‘Money Shot’ deconstructs around a fumbled black-mail attempt, presenting a sometimes shocking whilst genuinely amusing tale of murder, theft, adultery and greed. Drama


Runners VIII/Expose
Robert Hertner. 90 mins 15 Work in progress. The latest Avant Garde offereing from His Excellency Robert Hertner, The Ambassador For Texas, and the only Director to submit a film to every Portobello Film Festival since it’s birth in 1996. Expect a cross between Richard Linklater, Jean Luc Godard and John Wayne.

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