Video Cafe Programme
Wednesday 6 August

Westway Sports Centre Crowthorne Road London W10

Video Café

Colton Seals 60 mins U A group of archeologists disturb a Viking grave and forgotten supernatural consciousness. Drama

Sufis In Syria
Joshka Wessels 5 mins U Ever wonder what a female filmmaker can do in Syria? Make an impression of a mysterious music gathering of an Islamic sect and above all have fun! Music Video

Jemma Ridley 5 mins 12A Shot in 3 hours, edited in 3 days,3 characters, 3 captions all shot at 3 in the afternoon, a man watches two men kissing on the street. the film burns them. Art

Richard Goldsmith 15 mins 12A Jamie, an ordinary teenage girl, is pitched into an extraordinary friendship with a young man. Jamie harnesses a magic power she fails to control-with devastating consequences. Drama

Louise Wide 5 mins 15 Drama
Boogaloo Marianne Tenkins 10 mins 15 A fifty something woman, in a disco-fever bathroom tells her story of falling in love. Drama

Mothers Against Guns
Andrew McCafferty 10 mins 15 Documentary

Stine Kjaer 10 mins 15 The story of a secret. Ai lives in a small house, in the big city, all alone with her father. Drama

Breaking Point
Russell Razzaque 15 mins 15 A man leaves a home video as a suicide note intending to say his last words. Drama

Abundant X
Mark Matthews15 mins 15 Local Casanova Graham is keen to take things further with Katey but soon things start to go wrong. Comedy

Joe’s Stories
DJ Lera 10 mins U This film is about Mr Joe Evans the amazing spirit of an extraordinary man. Documentary

Full Length
Pramotz Sangsorn 10 mins U City life is not all that it seems. Drama

The Script
Raquel Gonzalez 10 mins 15 Drama about a fictitious game show called “The Script”. Drama

This Is Not My Dog
Flavia Tamoyo 10 mins 15 An ordinary day in a woman's life takes an unexpected turn when death and a new TV come her way !!! Comedy

Times For Lines
Damian Pinsent 15 mins 15 Documentary

A Derbyshire Ghost Story
Blake Goddard 5 mins 15 A short film retelling one of the true ghost stories that habit the country of Derbyshire. Drama

Gong High Above The Subterania Club
2000 Live
90 mins 15 Gong live at Subterania Club. Documentary

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