Westbourne Studios Programme
Tuesday 5 August

Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10

Feature Premieres

Filmmaker’s Job
Kohei Usuda 50 mins 15 “Filmaker’s Job” tells an interweaving story set in modern Tokyo. A young Canadian woman works in a red light district in the heart of Tokyo. Her’s is an empty existence in a land of indifferent strangers. Drama


The Judge (Sudiata)
Zaneta Vangeli 90 mins 15 "The Judge" is an experimental narrative feature, which self-referential story is about a young director, making his first movie called "The Judge". His movie is in fact a portrait of the devil (Satan, the Unholy One...), a very unconventional portrait of a contemporary personification of the "evil", very much interested into art and politics. During the process of production and post-production of his movie, Vlad Freeborg, the director, is facing some temptations, which are in a mysterious way synchronic with the events in the outside world. Drama


Thin Air
Laura Davis 80 mins 15 Somewhere in rural Louisiana, on the banks of the Mississippi River, four disparate characters end up living in a house together. Louise is a frustrated painter who inherited the house when her grandfather died a year ago. Pascale, a geomorphologist from France, came to study global warming but now cannot return home because of a newly acquired fear of flying. E.A., an old friend of Louise's grandfather, comes to visit and is left without a backup plan once he learns of his friends passing. Luke, also a painter, takes Louise up on her offer to set up in her studio, soon moving into to her life as well. The story of these four unlikely housemates wanders between documentary and fantasy, clarity and ambiguity, merging the moments and seamless flow of everyday life. Drama


Douglas Pledger 90 mins 15 It’s about a guy who finds love over the internet and goes out with his friend on a road trip to meet her, along the way meeting a whole host of strange characters. It’s a weird comedy/road movie. Drama.

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