Video Cafe Programme
Tuesday 5 August

Westway Sports Bar Crowthorne Road London W11

Video Café

The Queen And The King Of Sticks
Markus Heisel & Maria Knodel 60 mins 18 Experimental movie meditation on zen, love and passion. Art

Unknown Pleasures
Nick Fletcher 10 mins U A surreal montage of a man living in a dream world Drama

Nick Fletcher 5 mins U A walk in the park on a spring day Documentary
After The Floods Chris Spence/ Nick Fletcher 20 mins U A documentary about the Malton and Norton floods of 2000. Interviews and original camcorder footage filmed at the time. Documentary

Flavio Sciole 30 mins 15 A delirium. Art

Flavio Sciole 5 mins 15 A virus. Art

Paranoid 70
Flavio Sciole 15 mins 15 A state of paranoia Art

Beataction 3
Flavio Sciole 5 mins 15 Third short of a trilogy. Art

Anti War
Flavio Sciole 2 mins 15 No War. Art

Beataction 2
Flavio Sciole 5 mins 15 Second short of a trilogy. Art

Kristo 33
Flavio Sciole 30 mins 15 Art

Video Azione No 2
Flavio Sciole 5 mins 15 An actor-director-poet (Flavio Sciole) and a painter (Gianni Tarli) meet. Art

Patricia Marie Shrigley 10 mins 15 A montage of dancing family and friends. Art

Patricia Marie Shrigley 5 mins 15 I’ve created a bargain facelift. I taped and stretched my face across a swimming cap using strong black tape. Art

Chu & Boyd
Huse Monfaradi 15 mins 15 Two weeks after the events of Sept 11th 2001, 2 graffiti writers, about to be evicted from a squat in Paddington, decide to hold an exhibition of graffiti murals that they have painted depicting the events of 9/11 Documentary

Anti-War Demo Sept 2002
Kevin Keating 10 mins 15 Documentary

Please Mrs Butler
Katrina Fontaine 5 mins 12A A poem by Allan Ahlberg about an annoying boy Derek Drew who gets on fellow classmate Anna’s nerves. Drama

The Primrose Place
Jaap Mees 10 mins 12 An unsual meeting between a man and a woman in No Man’s Orchard. Based on the short story by H.E. Bates. Drama

Heebie Jeebies
David Bryant 5 mins 15 Have you ever felt like you’re being watched? Drama

Greg Browning 2 mins U A very short film about life in rural metropolis. Boy. Girl. Car. Bus. Drama

Stiff drink
Steven Hare 10 mins 15 Stiff Drink is an offbeat comedy about alpine survival, immortality and rampant disappointment. Comedy

3 Voices
Stewart Greig 5 mins 15 The relationship between Mai’s voice and the screen image. Drama

Mark Gutteridge 10 mins 15 Is Our protagonist about to commit a terrible crime? Drama

i jose benin 15 mins U ‘bloom/doom’ is about horror and hope. Art

Too Late
5 mins 15 Having time on your hands is not always a good thing. Drama

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