Video Cafe Programme
Monday August 04

Westway Sports Centre Crowthorne Road London W10

Video Café

Ring Peace
Lynne Angel 5 mins 15 A tongue in check exploration of mobile phone etiquette. Comedy

The Game
Chantal Bourdille 5 mins U Parenthood and choices. Drama

Can I Help You.
Shara Young 2 mins U Dance and disability Art

Samny J. Gildroy 5 mins 15 Outsiders at party. Art

Carl Reid 5 mins 15 Soul, dead, and shopping Drama

Kazuhisa Matsuda 5 mins U mono-; one; alone; single Art

Iona Scott 5 mins 15 Animation

Our Love Is...
Chris Sweeny 15 mins 15 Four quirky and hilarious mini dramas about falling in and out, of love. Comedy

Krishina Francis. 10 mins 15 One night a writer struggling under the pull of writers block finds his worries greatly increased when his computer mouse runs away and hides behind the skirting board. Drama

Work Outs
Nick Fletcher 2 mins 15 A comedy sketch of a man doing exercises. Comedy

Empty Whiteness
Takeshi Kushida 2 mins 15 This experimental film portrays the man's simple action with plain colourful animation. Art

The haircut
Xevis Soler 15 mins 15 Two people cheer up each other. A spirit pops in -and they both seem much happier. Drama

Award Winning Movie
M.Madacky 10 mins 12 Essential guide on how to make an award winning movie. Art

Strange Man
Stefan Georgiou 10 mins 15 Alex has just split from his girlfriend and seeks solace at a lonely raIlway station. Drama

Violet The Organ Grinder
Mr Young 15 mins 15 Jean Davidson meets Violet an accordion-playing busker, and renews her love of music. But at what cost? Drama

Born To Dance
Melvin Moti 15 mins 12 An old black man walks through his house. He has some funky moves. This film is shot in the style of video-clips.

Chronicles of Arp
Edward Saint-Jean 15 mins 15 Jean Arp accidently dropped a sculpture. The shattered pieces formed something new and beautiful so he advocated chance and accident in all artforms. Art

Dan Turner 10 mins 15 One clang and Jay is convinced that someone has broken in with murder on their minds. With a little reasurance from loyal girlfriend Amy, he manages to settle down ...Well almost. Drama

Spirals of Time
Jenny Eugene 30 mins 15 A retrospective about 6 adults who make the journey from disaffected youths to self-actualization. Documentary

The Top Of Everything
John Terry 30 mins 15 An over-enthusiatic list maker, a struggling clown and a waitress wander across the British Isles in a dying car. Drama

Night Of The Ugly
Jorge Torres 30 mins 15 Two strangers wander through the night trying to escape their pasts. Based on a short by Mario Benedetti. Drama

Cheryl Hendrickson 30 mins 15 Egos, industry pressures, drugs and self-doubt can slowly burn a band’s music down to a single lonely dark hum. Drama

A Cracker Of A Goal
Rune Eriksson 10 mins 15 A couple dress up in latex trying to create an exciting moment. Animation

Jim O' Mulloy 5 mins 12 A self-portrait with computer

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