Saturday August 2

Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10 2-11pm

Funky Fast Shorts,
Films from the Italian Cultural
Institute and The Premiere Of
The Last Minute with Max Beesley.


Nicolas On Tour
Christophe Istace 10 mins 15 Nicolas, French comedian is on tour three days per city in Britain with his one man show. Comedy

Unknown Man
Edward Holub 30 mins 15 Mission: Find And Kill The One Responsible For The Death Of Your Nephew. Drama

Man With A Fork
Ben Steiner 30 mins 18The Story of a cannibal human-meat salesman and his everyday struggles with promotion, professional rivalry and crippling attacks of nausea, Drama

2 Die 4
Jim Swindells 10 mins 15 This documentary is a fast paced glimpse into the world of dice living. Documentary

The Cappuccino King
Ciro & Roberto Candia 10 mins 12 In the world of coffee the Italians are still king. In the London coffee bar scene there is only one Cappuccino King. Comedy

Inside Out
Oliver Knott 20 mins 15 Alone in a large country house, Lara stars to see and hear things. As night falls her psychosis intensifies to a terrifying and shattering discovery. Drama

Coming Through
Oliver Mallah 10 mins U Set to the music of DJ shadow: weird encounters on Portobello Road. Art


Jochen A. Freydank 15 mins 15 Reality or fiction? A security guard gets a Licence To Kill. Drama

Shooting Blanks
Liam Gavin 10 mins 15 Cupid is an alcoholic trying to correct his mistakes now that he is sober. Comedy

Lucy Wallace 10 mins 15 In 1910 a group of hotel guests play parlour tricks by the fire. They are mocked by a stranger (John Hurt) for treating magic lightly. He then shows them a trick of which none of them will ever know the full extent. Drama

Ned Warking: Living With Death.
Gurchetan Singh 15 mins 15 How would you feel if you were dead? This fictional documentary takes a dark comical look into the world of Ned Warking’s Life After Death. Drama

Dad’s Dead
Chris Shepherd 10 mins 15 Through a series of ghostly reminiscences a young man tries to piece together fragmented moments from the past. Animation

The Confidence Trick
Jon Gilbert & Christopher Ross 15 mins 15 Like Tom Ripley, Walter hates the way he looks. Drama

My Other Wheelchair Is A Porsche
Ravi Kumar 15 mins 15 Drama


A Selection Of Short Films from the Italian Cultural Institute curated by Yvette Laviola.

Fabian Ribezzo 15 mins 15 B movie set in suburbs of Italian city. Drama

Marco Della Fonte 10 mins 15 Director Marco Della Fonte will present his work based on Orlando Furioso by Ariosto. Drama

Gianluca Sodaro 10 mins 15 Two reluctant Guardian Angels are called to save a desperate man. Drama

LE COEUR The Heart
Laura Muscardin 2 mins 15 A heart on a marble slate. An arrow. A love story. Animation

Elisabetta Pandimiglio and Cesar Meneghetti. 15 mins 15 An existence scored by an uncommon event: born in the Atlantic Sea. The story of a man who since birth seeks for land without ever reaching it. Drama

Nadia Nervo 5 mins 15 We are proud to welcome filmmaker Nadia Nervo to introduce her work. A documentary upsetting ageist stereotypes. Documentary

Daniele Cipri’ & Franco Maresco. 10 mins 15 Ten Minutes To The End is the latest apocalyptic work by the most visionary filmmakers of Italian cinema.Drama

IIa Beka 10 mins 15 The spiritual journey of a man in search of his identity travelling within his mind. A reverse trip into the entrails of the unconscious, leading him deep into the womb, the only place of a possible rebirth. (Shown in Cannes 2003.) Drama


TUNZA, TUNZA- Italian Deejay Electronic Productions.
Paolo Pisanelli 60 mins 15 The documentary portrays a journey throughout Italy, from North to South, discovering producers of electronic music and dance, seeking for the DJs who make music and who are invading our London clubs (i.e. Santos at Fabric.) The world of DJs, made up of sleepless nights, rave parties and social centres, of disco bars, fashions and trends, genres, drugs and motorways, but also of ordinary people, of passion, of friendship and of work. Documentary


Fish Don’t Fly
Pramotz Sangsorn 20 mins 18 This is about a child and his desire to finally escape from the shackles of his father. All his life, he has been forced to follow every command his father’ orders. Drama


The Last Minute
Stephen Norrington 120 mins 15 An up and coming artist's career takes a turn for the worse and so his voyage of life begins. An odyssey of drugs, sex, and disappointment, tinged with a touch of reality and a postmodern reference to other films. With Max Beesley from the Director of Blade. Drama

You’re Gonna Wake Up One Morning
Mark Jay 30 mins 15 Two Brighton teenagers a punk and a tonnie go on a blind date-go to score drugs-overhear a murder and robbery being planned by two hitmen- one of whom is Don Letts. Drama

Ben Gooder 5 mins 12A George is mad about sex. His therapist, Anna, is addicted to cilents. And her analyst Bloom, has a thing about sea creatures. Seems therapy is driving them crazy. Shrink. Proudly committed to messing with your mind. Comedy

Duck Children
Sam Walker 10 mins 15 What starts out as a seemingly innocent school play becomes a tale of horror death and extermination. Drama

The Art Of The Critic
Dom Shaw 10 mins 18 A drunken critic sabotages the launch of a new art movement. Won Best Actor at the New York Short Film Festival. Comedy

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